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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

The Parisi team has decades of experience in designing and fabricating injection molds, from prototype through production with outstanding precision. 

Parisi’s injection-molding capabilities include:

  • Cam action molding

  • Cold runner molds

  • Cube molding

  • Die casting

  • Family molds

  • Gas-assisted

  • Hot runner molds

  • Insert molding

  • Insulated runner molds

  • Liquid silicone rubber injection molding

  • Metal injection molding

  • Micro injection molding

  • Multi-cavity molds

  • Overmolding

  • Reaction injection molding

  • Single-cavity molds

  • Stack molds

  • Thermoplastic injection molding

  • Thin-wall injection molding

  • Unscrewing molds

  • Valve gate molding

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