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Plastic Parts for Cap and Closures

Plastic Caps & Closures

We can provide an industry-leading selection of plastic caps and closures for consumer package goods; health, beauty and cosmetics; food and beverages; pharmaceuticals, and more. Choose from an industry-leading selection of stock items or let us create a custom design that meets your budget requirements while strengthening your brand recognition.

Parisi’s stock caps and closures include:

  • Beverage caps

  • Canister closures

  • Child-resistant caps

  • Container lids

  • Continuous-thread screw on closures 

  • Dispensing caps 

  • Dome caps

  • Flapper caps

  • Industrial closures

  • Orifice reducers

  • Plastic brush caps

  • Press-top dispenser caps

  • Pumps

  • Senior-friendly caps

  • Sifters

  • Snap-top caps

  • Spout caps

  • Sprayers

  • Tamper-evident options

  • Tube closures

  • Turret caps

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